I can already hear your melodious voice cry to me “mummy please buy me chocolate”. Since the beginning of you being a seed I already loved you. I must confess I much did not enjoy the uncomfortability I experienced in your first stages of your creation. It took away all the strength I had gathered over the years before the thought of you came across my mind. I remember the number of times I ran to that ‘kibanda’ to buy my most precious and desired food at that time, some ‘bhajia mwitu’ as we call it. “My darling world when I finally bring you forth to the world I will show you where I would buy them” says your mummy. Dear world I want you to know you did not come as a mistake. Even when I give birth to you I will take care of you exceedingly much without considering the pain. I know I have not experienced the pain yet, but I can already feel it, but you are worth much more than it. Holding you in my arms is the greatest thing that will ever happen to me in a matter of forever. You are the beginning of my strength, a present joy to me even in your absence. Your kicks are like music sessions to me. They are meticulously circulated and rhythmical. Do you know I at times actually look at my tummy and make songs for you with the beats you produce inside of me? You make me bubble with joy, happiness and laughter when I hear you kick. I pray just as you gave me joy and refreshment, many who will meet us will regard our family as a refreshing company, full of joy. Do you know how I long to hear you kick just to know you are alive inside of me? Every day of my life I long for this. I at times get anxious not knowing what the future holds for us, but I believe nothing is impossible for the Lord I serve does great things for His beloved. He will see us through it all trust me. Just as I have had a strong sense of smell during your formation, I pray you will have a high discerning spirit.


‘MA…MA …’ I can already hear you call me in the morning before I run my errands. Can’t wait to be hearing this voice as the first voice to start off my day. Your sweet voice will give me drive to go on with the days struggles and endeavors. You are and will be precious in my eyes, my world. With you by my side I will accomplish much more than I would alone. Darling, you are a great gift the Lord has given me and without even seeing you or even holding you in my arms I believe you will be an angel that will bring joy to my life. You are an answered prayer my munchkin. A stain they will call you and that’s fine and yes, I will not disagree, but I believe you are a very beautiful strong stain in my mental as ‘Pompi’ would call it you cannot be erased. I will lay in our bed and look into your beautiful eyes and tell you how much greatness lies within you my world. The key to my heart you have, and you are occupying entirely.

IMG_2969 (2)

The star in my berry you are, a flower that blossoms in the darkest of the darkest my dearest. I can already feel you in my arms and just a glimpse of you will make me feel better. Now as I put my pen down, I want to promise you the best a mother gives their child. I will lead you in the right way that the bible instructs me to. You will know the Lord God and in His way, you will walk all the days of your life and in His law, you will not depart from it. I believe and trust you will not lack anything. The Lord who sees me through will take care of you and I. You are loved my world.

Yours truly,

Mummy bear …

This script was inspired by a friend i hold dear to my heart..

Children are a great blessing from God let’s love them and grant them the best….. 



28 thoughts on “”MY WORLD”

  1. Didn’t know you are such a writer…this is such a beautiful piece, I love it sana. One can feel the story as they read through…(you know what I mean).

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Nice read…Children are a blessing.Honestly, I had anxiety on the uncertainty of the future.Not knowing how I will go about bringing my children in the best way possible.I leave the future to God as I work on the present for them.
    Your writing came in good time.
    Thanks Jewel


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